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Reynolds & Reynolds Inc. is the largest writer of movie theatre insurance in the United States with offices located in Des Moines and Los Angeles. The Travelers is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest property-liability insurance underwriters in the United States. This size works to your advantage by allowing the Travelers to specialize in specific areas of insurance and risk management increasing the knowledge they bring to your account.

Reynolds & Reynolds is well known for their expertise in providing theatre insurance and has clients throughout the United States. Choosing the right company for your theatre insurance needs is an important task, and one that Reynolds & Reynolds can help you with.

Reynolds & Reynolds Inc. has published a phamplet called "Your Guide to Safety as a Theatre Employee" which is now being requested by theatres all over the country. It explains to theatre employees how they can help reduce accidents and injuries in the theatre and improve theatre insurance claim reporting. This in turn will help reduce your premium rates. Please call if you would like a copy.

Su guia para la seguridad como empleado del teatro
(Spanish Version)

National Association of Theatre Owners

For more information about our theatre insurance programs, please contact:

Stan W. Reynolds, President, Movie Theatre Division
Phone: 515-557-1234 Fax: 515-243-6664

Desiree Meyer, Account Manager
Phone: 515-557-1221 Fax: 515-558-7421


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