Reynolds & Reynolds, Inc.

Our People

We have an average of 15 years experience in the employee benefit field. The expertise of the staff has been developed through a variety of careers with employers, benefit administrators, insurance carriers and consultants. The strength of our team is in our ability to draw on the talents and knowledge of each individual to enhance the overall service to our clients.

Our Approach

Our client's expectation is the largest influence to the service we deliver. We strive to be available to assist our clients and their employees with the questions they encounter daily. These may include benefit design, claim processing, member enrollment, bills, legislation, implementation and administration. Attention to detail, follow up and client satisfaction is our primary goal.

Our Solution

Solutions for our clients are based on our ability to listen and hear their objectives. We establish unbiased research, avenues for alternatives, evidence-based recommendations, monitor success measurements, our of the box thinking "creatively" and strategic long range planning.

Our Communication

Communication is the means for us to successfully deliver our service. While our media varies by the desire of the client or their employees, the message is timely, clear, consistent, concise empathetic and complete.

Our Values

Our corporate philosophy is based on the uncompromising belief that every client will be treated in the same way we, ourselves, would expect to be treated with integrity, honesty and professionalism. 

Our Benefits Mission

Partnering with our clients to set the standards in benefit management solutions.

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